Primark steal

Primark isn’t my favourite shop in the world, but on a good day with a lot of patience you do find some great buys.   Primark in my opinion is great for basic essentials; plain black and white tees, socks, pants, bras… the list goes on for more beauty related products like cotton buds and make up wipes.  As much as I love Topshop, Zara, H&M to name a few, I think its stupid paying lots for basic items like I just mentioned when you could save money on them by getting them from Primark.

I visited Primark the other week, not expecting to see anything or expecting to buy something until I spotted this little gem.  I’ve been loving crossbody bags for a while now and I knew that when I seen this I knew I had to buy it.  I love red so much too so that definitely influenced my decision to buy it.  There is nothing extravagant about it I’m aware,  I know they’re are many more stunning, eye catching, stylish and intricately detailed bags around which I would happily have but it’s the fact that I only paid £5 for this Primark one. £5.  Most of those other more lavish bags would easily be a minimum of £20 added onto that.

Example – Zara are selling practically the exact same bag but for almost £25 more!


Primark items are not always great quality, so I do agree with the saying that you pay for what you get which is understandable if people want to splash out on the more expensive items.  So far my bag is still in great condition and hasn’t become faulty in any way and I have used it multiple times, like on nights out which I probably will have abused it with my ‘dancing’, I can’t quite remember…  Fingers crossed it stays that way!!!



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